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Connection technology of electric wire and cable and connecting terminal​


Single stranded copper core is below 10mm2, no matter what the terminals are not in accordance with the introduction of "connection hardware, electrical technology" on the practice can be directly connected to the terminals of various types, with China and other countries for construction and acceptance specification.
There are 3 kinds of processing method of multi stranded copper core connection: 1, continue the use of bolt connection, copper nose; 2 needle type, flat type, tube copper nose, cold pressed into the mold copper tube using multi stranded copper core after molding; 3, tin or tin end (for multi strand copper wire, in order to prevent the multi stranded copper core after crimping spread increases contact resistance or other accident).
From the view of operation, based on years of experience, no matter how large diameter wire, if the connection hardware, and then insert the terminal because of bad contact, or a terminal fault burn is a common problem in the operation. The two circuit current is not large, due to poor contact caused by the fault is difficult to find a fault, and a large circuit current, due to poor contact with the heating may burn the cable insulation and cable insulation, causing a greater accident.
Without the connection hardware and tin, this kind of structure can be completely closed to hold the wire tightening, increase the contact area, to ensure reliable contact, greatly reduce the failure rate.

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