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Company Culture

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> Mission:
Dedicated to the research and application of electronic connectors, satisfy customer demands and expectations by high-quality products and excellent services.

> Vision:
Build a worldwide excellent supplier of precision electronic parts and a socially responsible company.

> Corporate values:
> Customer Center

Customer-centered. Customers indicate both the internal employees and external customers. My work is relevant to my customers. Customer-centered, we can work better.

> Respect
We respect and trust every staff, believe them that they can and are willing to exert their potentials. We accept the differences among employees, and inspire and help them to realize higher objectives and expectations. We reflect their achievements actually.

> Excellent
We strive to be the best, judge our achievements in high standard, and draw lessons from the past success and failure.

> Responsibility
Keeping promise, we make our staff work according to a definite objective, constantly review and inspect, and do well in system plan. We promote the sense of ownership.

> Honest
We believe honestly doing correct business for the company development will bring the common success and progress for the company and individuals. The common objective and vision closely link us together.

> Team
We love cooperation. We lay more stress on sincere cooperation than on competition. We would like to solve the problems together rather than shifting responsibility to others. “Team” surpasses the concept of company. We are willing to cooperate with the suppliers and distributors and regard them as a member of KEFA.