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Quality traceability

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> Constant Quality Improvement, Sincere Customer Service
> Quality System
KEFA started to use and passed Quality Management System in 1998, and has gradually established and improved the quality management system after years of implementation. The company’s top management has been attaching importance to quality management system. The general manager himself serves as the director of ISO9001: 2000 Commission, sets up an audit team for internal quality management system consisting of highly trained personnel, and organizes internal audits twice and management review once a year.

> Supplier Evaluation
1.Supplier Rating System.
 Evaluate by the audit team from Engineering Department, Quality Department and Purchasing Department.
 Conduct monthly statistic analysis on the quality of materials delivered by suppliers, and feed back to the suppliers for improvements.
2.Regularly hold supplier review meetings for analysis and improvement.
3.Track the process of suppliers'improvement measures.

> Customer Complaint Handling
1.Respond customer complaints within 48 hours.
2.Analyze customer complaints and formulate improvement programs.

> Incoming Quality Inspection
1.Adopt GB/T2828-2003 sampling inspection plan.
2.Inspect the appearance, size and function of materials.
3.Review unqualified materials.

> Processing Inspection
The purpose of processing inspection is to ensure that products of different stages in the production process meet our process standards and customer demands.
1.Inspect parts, assembly of production lines, and products in the process.
2.Completely inspect repair goods.
3.Prevent unqualified products from entering the next process.
4.Calculate and analyze IPQC data.

> Outgoing Quality Control
1.Outgoing quality control is to inspect products before shipment to ensure they accord with customer demands.
2.Adopt GB/T2828-2003 sampling inspection plan.
3.Quality Engineering Department formulates and releases all inspection files according to customer demands.
4.Inspection items include: Appearance, safety, function, technology, packaging, etc.